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this is the year of many changes  and many potential miracles.

There are two books out at the moment, one has been released and the other is due to be released soon.

The first book is Soul Mind Body Science System. They have both been co-authored by  Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu.
'Soul Mind Body Science System' is a major contribution for peace, health, and, understanding in the world  bridging the gap between the two great stream of human culture: spirituality and science.'
ERVIN LAZLO, 2 times Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of of 'The Self-Actualising Cosmos' and  'The Immortal Mind'

Tao Science - The Science, Wisdom and Practices of Creation and Grand Unification

"This book will be an eye-opening and mind expanding for those who are interested in science  and those who are interested in spirit"

So these two wisdom books in themselves are creations of the unified soul, heart mind and body. The wisdom and practical techniques are quite mind blowing. For those interested there are online courses which explain things in more detail and are conducted by Dr Rulin Xiu, who offers many complementary spiritual blessing and the opportunity to receive other specialised spiritual blessings. The importance of spiritual blessings is that they give you a more speedy boost on the road along your soul journey.

I have been studying Tao Science for a couple of months now and have found that the practices make such deep inroads into your consciousness than you could imagine. Shifts occur in your consciousness at and incredible level.

There is a beautiful Mantra which is posted above. Repeat that to yourself, sing to yourself, with greatest love and that in itself will install  great positive messages in your whole consciousness for the start of 2018. Want to learn more - please message me.

<![CDATA[Moving Deeper into the light]]>Sat, 19 Aug 2017 15:23:49 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/august-19th-2017Traversing the hidden things in the mind.

The mind can be your biggest asset or your greatest sorrow.
Dear my mind, why do you torment me so much
Is it that you have been hiding the truth all this time
Have you been manipulating me to make me suffer or become confused?
Memories of childhood have created pain and suffering
However this needs to un-created I find
To create something beautiful instead
The idea and the 'aha' moments come thick and fast
Delving into the abyss of illusion can bring a smattering of truth
Will it  become enlarged and brings with it the Light of Soul
The solution - is it true that the Light is within you It is not outside of you
So now the upward journey begins
The Light banishes the untruths, perceptions that grew like a cancer
Then you see the seeds of discontent begin to shrink, dissolve
The Light and I become one

<![CDATA[MOVING FORWARD IN 2017]]>Mon, 23 Jan 2017 07:40:40 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/moving-forward-in-2017
Well 2017 has finally arrived and here we are and we are nearly at the end of January already.

So what did you do? Did you make a resolution? Did you have an intention for change? Have you made inroads into forward planning? Are you excited? Are you dedicated? Not yet. here is a link to my latest enews - it may give you some ideas.                        


I have been quite busy tidying up loose end, getting my website updated, my workshops planned and much more and this week so it has been
very rewarding to get all this done. It is with a great deal of satisfaction that everything should be done and dusted by this weekend.

I will be posting more videos and relaxations
next issue
The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Purification.

and more ...

<![CDATA[Following the 7 Day negative  Energy diet]]>Tue, 16 Aug 2016 11:12:24 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/following-the-7-day-negative-energy-dietPicture
This last week I have heard of an amazing diet called the seven day negative energy fast. I decided to investigate and looked up Emmet Fox on You Tube. This remarkable man has great recommendations on how to rid oneself of negative energy that may have been simmering for eons beneath the surface of your consciousness.

I thought I would give it a go.
The first think you do is to determine that each time you have a negative thought you simply change it to a positive one and throw the old one out - a bit like weeding a garden. I knew it wouldn't be easy. As this was 'old wisdom' I decided to also add 'new wisdom' - Soul Wisdom to see how I would go with the project. After being with my Teacher Master Sha and Adam Markel in San Diego last week, I had learned some new tricks about starting your day with the intention of positive outcomes for your day. I would call it doing a Soul Order with the Soul of your day. Easy I thought - wrong already!

My first day was quite successful - I estimated that I had done the practices and was not getting bogged down with the negativity that arose and I just blessed it and moved it along. I was weeding the garden and it felt good! I felt quite proud of myself that it had been easier than I thought. The second day was even better - I was feeling very buoyant!  "Ahh, I am purifying at last!" I thought - wrong already!!

Today I had a real 'test' and my emotions decided they needed to be felt and I failed the test. I reacted or shall I say over-reacted. However after I recognized what had transpired I forgave myself and told myself I saw what I had done and I would try to be more aware next time.

For me, I decided that it is not really about failing the test but to be aware of the thrall we can be in with the emotions and bless those events so we can do better next time.

In the video on You Tube (and there are actually a few about the work of Emmet Fox), during the seven day diet, when you make a mistake you go back to the beginning and start the diet over again - but to me that was a bit like self punishment, so instead I decided that it if you  adopt this diet or establish this regime in your every day life it become 'watchfulness' and 'learning experiences' and eventually any past or deep seated negativity resolves itself in forgiveness and new patterns of possibility emerge in Heaven's timing. You just do the practice and let Heaven 'shows up' to guide you. This seems much more civilized to me. I will see how I go and keep you informed on how I go with this part of the journey of discovery. Namaste

<![CDATA[Travels along the Time Line - memory]]>Sat, 07 May 2016 10:13:34 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/travels-along-the-time-line-memoryPicture
Travels along the time line Series
Memory Bank  Room

Find yourself walking down a passageway – which at first is narrow but then it widens with doors either side. At the end of the passageway there is sky blue door with a large old rusty lock! Where is the key – it has to be somewhere as you have to get in. You ask your soul – just where is this key!

Suddenly a little white dove presents itself to you with a little silk purse dangling from it beak – it is a sky blue silk purse with long tasseled fine golden cords. The key inside is small and ornate –it is gold with lots of scroll work delicately etched into it – it is very beautiful!

You put the key in the lock – remarkably it turns quite easily and as it turns there is music playing like a from a child’s jewellery box. You walk into a very long tall room. It is also skyp blue and in a very clean condition, someone has been looking after it very well. On one wall from floor to ceiling there is shelving with boxes with numbers and names of the contents that lie within. Each box contains ma memory and not just a memory but a little reference book and a little holographic disc which you can spin and it plays the memory for you so you can simple watch. There are categories or H for Happy, S for sad and everything else in between.

A double bay window shades the bright sunlight and soft music plays. By the window there is an elegant chair and a few small tables scattered here and there with some memory boxes sitting on them.

In other parts of the room you notice there are more chairs, artifacts, trinkets, a mixed match from different times in history – some paintings adorn the walls.  The feeling is of expansiveness and peace.

This is your space where you can browse your memory library as often as you can. Each memory has a time, a year, a period, the duration; from this life and others which relate to this one.

There are tissues dotted around and  containers for them, this is for when you experience sad or painful memories. In other areas there are little boxes with sweets and chocolates for when you want to be more preoccupied and stay a while. There are decanters of water or beverages which appear at your every whim to accommodate your desires.

For a memory – that elicits the need for help to understand the cause and effect; there is a area with a special chair you can sit in, facing a mirror and with this special set up you can talk to the Soul World about your memories; The cause and effects;  The reasons why.

All of Heaven, your Shifu’s, Guides, Guardian Angels, Akashic record keepers and more are here to answer your questions as appropriately.

You prepare for this special area with flowers, candle, incense water and fruit or food offerings. You prepare yourself by sitting in your heart centre and going into the condition, then you communicate with the Heavenly Beings to help you.

You can take a note book and pen. Remember to express gratitude and love upon opening and again upon leaving. Be respectful. Receive..

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

<![CDATA[Travels along the time line -]]>Thu, 03 Mar 2016 07:53:57 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/travels-along-the-time-linePicture
Travels along the time-line ~ a series of guided meditations

This series of guided meditations and stories will empower you by taking you to worlds beyond the imaginations to enhance aspects of your life you did not think possible. This is the first of this series - I am sure you will enjoy it.

  No 1 Abundance

Abundance Room

Find yourself walking down a passageway – which at first is narrow but then it widens with doors either side. At the end of the passageway there is a black door with a large old rusty lock! Where is the key – it has to be somewhere as you have to get in. You ask your soul – just where is this key!

Suddenly a little wooden trinket box appears and you look inside and there is a big black rusty key. You put the key in the lock – remarkably it turns quite easily and you walk into a very large dusty dark  room, you find a cobweb brush and use that to dust and to catch any cobwebs. A dirty curtain is at the window and obscures the light. You rip it off and the sunshine floods in so you can see the room better. In the room now you see there are various chests of draws with different shapes and sizes and heights. You quickly dust everything off. Then you find a golden key just hidden in a corner and you dust as that one off and see which cupboard it belongs to. Each cupboard is a different colour, shape and style. Some are quite ornate, some are quaint, some are quite stark. You choose a tall yellow cupboard that has big drawers in it and small drawers of different sizes.

Now you suddenly are there painting the walls and ceiling a bright and sunny yellow. A lovely lightweight curtain dances in the breeze through the open window – it is a sheer lemon colour with bright butterflies and dragonflies on it – very colourful.

You open a small slender drawer and find 10  tiny little angels all fast asleep, like they have been there a thousand years and they begin to yawn and stretch – they are so happy to see you there. They excitedly pull you to different drawers and cupboards to open and therein you find all manners of treasures. Deeds to land and houses,  jewels, maps, ribbons and threads of many colours especially gold. In others there are Chinese Scared artefacts and good luck charms. Another cupboard is stacked high with cash money in all denominations, another is full of coins ancient and new. Jewellery , diamonds, pears, silver and gold are opening up everywhere. It is like a Treasure trove and the Angels are so happy and excited for you.. In a corner of the room there stands a crystal chest of drawers and this had nothing in it but now it is filling up for this is your physical bank which is being replenished from your Virtue Bank.

Fragrances of rose, sandalwood and spices fill the room as the movement of prosperity and wealth is busily manifesting and presenting itself to you. It has been a long time since you remembered this utopian bank was actually yours and is yours to command again and again. You have paid your debts and are now remembering to reap the benefits. You are so happy. You have painted the inside of your finances room gold and yellow and now it is time to paint the front of the door – which colour will you choose.

Allow the special paint to come to you to paint. There is no longer a rusty lock on there but a large easy to open golden handle and latch that is configured so that only you can open it. You are so happy! Feel that happiness filling you from head to toes skin to bone and feel the joy spreading like a furnace from your heart centre. You have waited a long time for this. You are home now and ready to do good and enjoy your life and lives to come. Hao Hao Hao!

<![CDATA[Awakening to wisdom]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2016 22:24:09 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/awakening-to-wisdom]]><![CDATA[Part 1 - the journey from childhood to becoming .......]]>Fri, 07 Aug 2015 05:07:03 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/part-1-the-journey-from-childhood-to-becomingPicture
This photograph was taken in Paris about three years ago where we frequented so many beautiful boutique art galleries. This one was hidden away - a small gallery with a tiny garden and a space growing the most expensive grape vines to produce the most exclusive wine in France.

In my experience of life, it reminded me of the steps we take in life - sometimes the garden path can lead us to our greatest expectations and to the Light or the gifts that we are meant to receive and we flourish in all aspects of life. Everything comes to us easily and effortlessly, we make fewer mistakes and the Divine pours more and more blessings in to our lives. For the lucky one's these blessings are due to our blessed karmic conditions. 'The Ancestors Plant the Tree - the Descendent enjoy the shade!' (Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha in Power of Soul books and more)

Sometimes we can rebel against these obvious gifts of love like a rebellious teenager who longs to be free, to be independent, to make their own decisions regardless of the consequences. To go against authority, to join the pack mentality, to be 'the angry young man or woman'. I read somewhere once that we are not adults until we are over 30 years - this is when the brain rewires itself chemically to prepare us for the next layer in our life-stream. I am not sure if this is true, but as one of those rebellious young people I often recognise this in young people I come across occasionally. It is at this age between our childhood and 30 years we can make a lot of mistakes. Our ego is at a heightened level and we think we know everything. Our mistakes come to determine our lives in many ways until we are ready to let go or forgive ourselves especially if we make big mistakes. We move to another level.

When we are ready to forgive our mistakes and the mistakes of others we suddenly go to the realisation of the duality of the illusionary world and attempt to take the steps to rectify it. However human being tend to want to know why and how the why effected or still effect them - they need to understand - and are not open to being told and expected to believe. Thus begins the journey of researching karma and the validity of forgiveness and service and finding the true self.

Part 2 to follow.
<![CDATA[may 2015 - My spiritual year so far]]>Mon, 11 May 2015 11:21:52 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/may-2015-my-spiritual-year-so-farPicture
Well so far so good - a year of transformation, purification, insights, gifts and spiritual nourishment.

There have been times of pain and suffering, times of going within to the wellspring of my inner retreat of darkness to find the light within and be nourished by that light within.

Times of great joy of the realization of the gifts I have received and how far I have come since the last 12 months
. As I am a human being with human frailties I have tried to have no expectations or projections of what may or may not occur but begin to look at life in line with the holy breath and oneness - and either be pleasantly surprised or quizzical about what may be happening in my daily experiences of life.

One day I will stop being quizzical and accept the ONENESS with TRUST that all is in in Divine Timing and in accordance with the plan of my soul and the great beyond as a whole without the separation of the little self. Still lots to learn but at the same time enjoying the learning process.
My beloved Ling Gung that lies between my Message Centre and my heart, contains the Tian Ming - my special Soul that knows the Divine Plan and merging with that soul is a dream along my path.

Still lots of Forgiveness to practice to do to redeem the past but all is well in my world as I hope it is within yours

Namaste ~ I see God within you

<![CDATA[happy new year!! & attitudes of gratitude]]>Thu, 19 Feb 2015 03:01:16 GMThttp://niveditasaraswati.com/niveditas-blog/happy-new-year-attitudes-of-gratitudePicture
Happy New Year for both the Solar and the Lunar new year of 2015
Everything we see is governed by yin and yang until we leave the worlds of duality and return to the one which Source and Tao, then there is no duality.

Yin and Yang, male and female, night and day. We all have this with us. We cant have one without and element of the other. Opposites attract like magnets! Miracles and disasters can be running at the same time - birth and death happen at the same time. Flood and drought are happening at the same time in our world. We are in our world and part of it and responsible for it in many ways.

Each part of the duality presents both gifts and challenges in our lives.

For example recently when traveling internationally I picked up a virus from somewhere, who knows, which made me quite sick for a while before it turned into bronchitis. It wasn't until I returned to my own TCM Practitioner could it be resolved and then it was resolved in a week.

On the flight home however, is an excellent example of gifts and challenges happening at the same time.

On the last leg of my trip home, my final flight (which was a standby) flight I was  presented  with a First Class seat - so once I got over the surprise I graciously accepted.

I remember at the time I was sitting with extra leg-room, on the end of an aisle and in close proximity to the bathroom, which is my ideal arrangement when flying.

I was feeling extremely grateful for this and then lo and behold I was presented with the First Class seat!! Bronchitis plus a First Class seat.

Miracles and disaster at the same time!!

So it pays to be in attitude of gratitude for whatever is happening in your life for you never know what will happen next!

Have a wonderful new year and always be grate